The first thing I needed to begin this article with is letting you know that I’m not endorsing visitors to use Tailwind – if you are getting started on Pinterest and you don’t have way too many boards and an excessive amount of content to control yet, that you can do flawlessly fine with manual approaches for a while.

However when you have over 100 boards on your Pinterest account, and many hundreds of webpages on your own site (+ multiple pin variations for each page, simply because recommended by Pinterest), you will soon understand that you NEED Help with keeping you sane.

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Tailwind is in fact not only a Pinterest scheduler, in addition they allow now scheduling content for Instagram, but that’s not my specialization and this post is only going to cover how Tailwind functions for scheduling pictures on Pinterest.

The most crucial thing you should know about Tailwind is that it’s the official Pinterest’s partner. You can find a set of Pinterest’s marketing companions on this page.

Tailwind isn’t just an authorized tool, but it additionally seems to end up being the favorite partner who comes with an exclusive romantic relationship with Pinterest. So, every time a glitch occurs on Pinterest, if it impacts a significant part of their users, Tailwind is well known for utilizing their contacts to advocate for content material creators.


The primary problems Tailwind is solving for you personally are:

  • Saving your own pins on multiple boards upon Pinterest;
  • Saving pins of other people to keep your boards active.

Let’s check out how precisely Tailwind solves these complications, what exactly are the solutions?

  1. Saving your have pins on multiple boards upon Pinterest:
  2. Regular scheduling tool with lists boards;
  3. Smartloop feature with lists boards place within the loop.
  4. Keeping pins from Tailwind Tribes.



  1. You can plan multiple pins beforehand in one program. You see, Pinterest benefits you for being consistent. But on Pinterest regularity means not just that you have to conserve pins daily, but in fact many times a day. For those who have other points to accomplish during the day time, for instance, to perform your business and produce new content, being constant on Pinterest manually may become a little of a hustle. If you don’t use a scheduler because of this.
  2. Tailwind tracks the very best occasions for engagement together with your market and suggests enough time slot machines when you should pin more regularly.
  3. Allows you saving pins in the hours whenever your viewers is most dynamic (even in you reside in a different period zone). EASILY was just using manual pinning, becoming in Europe, I would never have the ability to pin at that time when my American market is energetic on Pinterest (around 9PM EST incidentally!)
  4. Creates a repeatable procedure without making your account appearance spammy – using intervals. In the event that you make an effort to save the save pin manually to several relevant boards on your account, and in case you are performing it back again to back, this is often irritating for your fans, but it may also result in Pinterest’s spam filter systems and in the worst-case scenario, may also get your accounts suspended for spam. Tailwind enables you to set intervals between the repins of the same image and creates a wholesome mixture of pin in your profile.
  5. Teaches you quality third-component pins that you can conserve to your boards. Pinterest doesn’t display repin counts in the Smartfeed, however in Tailwind, you can observe a blue flame icon with several repins every picture has over the platform. It creates saving this content of other folks more reliable and in addition fills the gaps in your Tailwind timetable automatically.
  6. It’s again on the subject of the capability of scheduling pins actually months in advance.
  7. Helps you talk about your pins through Tribes, so they get repined by other users to relevant boards in your niche.
  8. Provides additional analytics about the overall performance of your Pinterest account.
  9. Tracks feedback on your Pins, to get back to your visitors and answer them. Pinterest doesn’t send out you notifications when somebody leaves a touch upon your pins (I believe Pinterest should!).

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I’d mention here the primary 3 ways of scheduling pins with Tailwind.

  1. Schedule from your site directly.
  2. Routine pins you saved to Pinterest 1st.
  3. Upload Pins straight into Tailwind.

I personally by no means used the last one for two reasons:

  • It appears to be much simpler to save pins using the initial two methods than uploading pins to Tailwind;
  • When you schedule something right to Tailwind the risk of experiencing a damaged pin is larger because you schedule something without double-checking how your pin looks if everything is correct in the pin explanation, name and if the hyperlink to your website works fine.

To use the first two strategies, you’ll have to have Tailwind browser software on your computer.

If you want to save lots of your pin to many relevant boards on your own account, you should set an interval of at least one day to ensure that your account doesn’t save pins from the same post URL more often than once a day.

How to Make use of Tailwind for Scheduling Pins


Yes, you can! You may use any additional authorized Pinterest partner device or even Pinterest’s indigenous scheduling functionality.

Here’s how you may schedule pins in Pinterest:

Is it possible to Schedule Pinterest Articles Without Tailwind


Tailwind Smartloop feature was rolled out in 2018 while a reply to massive demand from users. Most of us want a “arranged and forget” answer, don’t we? 🙂

So, Tailwind Smartloop gives you keeping the same pin to the boards you selected, again and again once again… but within healthy anti-spam limitations which Pinterest and Tailwind determined, and set as the default in the feature.


Tailwind recommends using Smartloop for just two types of content:

  1. For seasonal Pins that you want to reshare a few times a year. In this manner, you don’t need to keep in mind about the aged pins and search for them in your Pinterest accounts. You can established them informed and they’ll be reshared next time season comes.
  2. To reshare your old pins in your boards which you’ve currently saved those pins showing these old pins to your brand-new followers. Pinterest and Tailwind suggest doing this only once atlanta divorce attorneys 4-6 months!


First, let me clarify how Tailwind Tribes will vary from group boards on Pinterest:

  1. When you submit your pins to Tailwind Tribes, you aren’t actually conserving them to any kind of Pinterest boards. You are simply posting your pins in communities of articles creators like everyone else, who joined Tribes predicated on the market or subject. When you conserve something to an organization board, it really is pinned on Pinterest.
  2. Tailwind Tribes allow Tribe owners track reciprocation, and the majority of the Tribes require in least 1 repin for every pin you submit. Tribe program also offers you tools to monitor how much you possess reciprocated, so that it helps you maintain a healthy balance between your promotion of your articles and content curation.

The next thing I’d like to talk about may be the effectiveness of Tailwind Tribes because they invest some time for reciprocation, plus they can be also quite costly if you opt to upgrade for extra tribes above the 5 Tribes which are contained in every Tailwind paid account.

People have different encounters with Tribes, and everything depends on the specific niche market, and Tribes have different communities of bloggers thus some Tribes could be just about dead while in others you’ll see a great deal of activity each day.

Before you join Tribes, it is possible to see their overall engagement. You may also join and keep Tribes over time in the event that you find that some are not really active, and seek out better communities.

Right here is just one research study I had with a Thanksgiving post which had traffic spikes in October 2017 and 2018, with the same pin related to 1 repin made with a Tailwind Tribe.

This is how you can examine your traffic from Tailwind Tribes: head to Acquisition in Google Analytics > > Campaigns > > All Campaigns. When you have any visitors from Tribes, you’ll see this marketing campaign attribution: tailwind_tribes.


You can observe on these screenshots traffic I received from pins shared through Tribes, both times they created impressive spikes in October and November.

Are Tailwind Tribes Value Your Time

An note for Pinterest and Google Analytics nerds like me:

Whenever your pins from Tailwind tribes are receiving viral, they aren’t demonstrated in pinterest / referral because they get utm parameters pinterest / social. And Pinterest / interpersonal statement in GA doesn’t enable you to observe the specific pin URLs. Therefore, if you would like to find the exact pin that was shared in Tribes, you should check your Pinterest analytics to check out the most famous pins there.

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