How To Make Homemade Hot Cross Buns Recipe

When it comes to hot cross buns, I am much concerned with hygiene during lockdown period, so that I can avoid take outs, ensuring that me and my children are eating restaurant quality homemade food that is carefully cooked and preserved.

What are Hot Cross Buns ?

Perfect hot cross buns recipe is one of history rich cuisine that dates back to eleventh century United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand and is mostly eaten on Friday in breakfast and lunch.
It can be easily spotted in restaurants, usually served with drinks.

Making perfect hot cross buns with yeasted dough is a matter of minutes that you can get to your breakfast table almost everyday. It is also referenced as classic Easter recipe, which has lots of variants depending on what you add to the recipe like currants, vanilla. It can be filled with spices or herbs depending on what you prefer according to health needs. But major ingredients are yeast and flour and butter.

Ingredients For Hot Cross Buns Recipe

  1. Candied Peel 2 Tablespoon
  2. Semi skimmed milk 200 ml
  3. Grated nutmegs (A pinch of it)
  4. Yeast 7 grams
  5. Cinnamon 1 table spoon
  6. Preparing Milk
  7. 1 Large egg
  8. White Sugar 55 gram
  9. White bread flour 455 grams
  10. Unsalted butter 55 grams
  11. Sultanas 85 grams

Lets rock the kitchen and make our own delicious hot cross buns recipe.

1. Getting Milk Ready

Take 200 ml semi skimmed milk and pour it in the pan placed on the heated stove. Prefer plane organic cow milk instead of dried one that may have enough touch of artificial flavor to ruin the taste. Plane cow milk can be found in any nearby store’s dairy section.

2. Add Butter

Take 50 gm of unsalted plan butter and mix it with milk. Why unsalted butter for hot cross buns? Salted butter may transform hot milk to spoiled clotty milk which can alter the flavor of the recipe.

Keep stove to medium heat levels and stir butter and milk together gently so that the liquid may take a uniform shape.

3. Making Dough

The main part which needs more focus and care while handling is dough making. Our final look and taste of hot cross buns depends on it. I would prefer a knead board to prepare dough, and of course you can use a sparkling cleaned and spotless table top, if you don’t have knead board. Otherwise wooden cutting board is not a bad option to use for kneading flour.

Grab a plastic mixing bowl and add 450 gram of white bread flour to it. Sprinkle 6 to 7 gm of yeast over the flour and mix it with a spoon.

Adding yeast

4. Grated Nutmegs

Grated nut mags in hot cross buns
Adding Grated Nut Mags

Hot cross buns recipe is flexible and can be enhanced with any additional ingredient, so i will love to season it with grated peals full of appealing fragrance.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon in the hot cross buns recipe
Add Cinnamon

I would give a touch of aromatic condiment so i am adding a table-spoon of cinnamon.

6. Sugar

Sugar in hot cross buns
Adding Ground Sugar

It is usually finely ground white caster sugar that can easily mix with flour and yeast without overwhelm. So I will add 50 gm of ground sugar to the bowl.

Note: Anyone with special medical conditions like diabetes, can avoid sugar by adding a bit of artificial sweetener instead of pure white sugar.

7. Sea Salt

Add Sea Salt

A pinch of sea salt is enough for the amount of dough mixture we are making. Dont add salt to the boiling milk but the dough flour.

Mix all the ingredients added till now, gently with a spoon. You can use electric hand mixer instead to make it uniform mixing. Stir it eough to get a uniform powder color.

8. Egg

After mixing i am adding a large egg to the mixture and would prefer to stir it up with a fork.

9. Pour Liquid

Now we have all the flour ready in the bowl so i will pour the semi-hot milk from pan into the bowl.

10. Kneading

Now the kneading board comes in to action. I will sprinkle a bit of white flour on kneading board to prevent sticking dough with the board.

Start kneading all the material for at least 8 minutes. You can do it for more time, the more the kneading, the more uniform and soft the dough would be.

Also it enhances the dough capability to spread, resulting in soft and spongy buns.

Put Wet Towel On Bowl

Dough is almost ready and I will place it in the same plastic bowl, covering it up with a clean wet kitchen towel. Leaving it as is, for an hour or more will help it spread.

Once spread, knocking it with your fist gently will do the job.

Dry Fruits

Adding Candied Peal

Based on preference you can give a delicious touch of dry fruits on it but if you like plane old soft buns, just neglect it. But for me, I will add 2 spoons of candied peels and pour 80 gm of sultanas.


Adding Ginger in hot cross buns
Adding Ginger

In my case I like sweet buns with a little touch of ginger spice. Adding 25 gm of stem ginger.

After adding above mentioned ingredients, I will perform kneading again in some iterations to make it mixed altogether in one unit.

Dough Balls

From the prepared dough, I can easily split dough to make at least 10 balls and arrange it the baking tray.

Making dough balls for hot cross buns

Before using baking tray, make sure you lay a grease proof parchment paper, so that it doesn’t stick together.

Now leave those dough balls again for 25 to 35 minutes.

White Cross Toppings

While dough balls are spreading, I am going to prepare white topping to mar our buns with a cross on it.

White topping

Just take three table spoon of white flour and plane water, mix them together with a fork.

I will love to fill piping with that white paste and snip its corner for thinner line.

Using those piping, I will create white crosses on each bun.


Till this point, our dough balls are ready. Jus take the baking tray and place it in the oven heated at 180 degree for 15 to 20 minutes. And buns are baked.

Baking hot cross buns

Honey (Not Compulsory)

caribbean hot cross buns recipe
Topping honey layer on hot cross buns

Its my own choice to top these baked buns with a thin layer of honey.

I hope you will love this hygienic homemade hot cross buns recipe that is not only clean but restaurant quality.

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