Diet Tips for Acid Reflux


The body does not react to all foods in exactly the same way.

Some foods are easily digested, while others can cause real problems.

If you have heartburn or acid indigestion on a regular basis, you might well be suffering from acid reflux, and you should see your doctor.

Acid reflux is unpleasant while it is happening, but it can also cause much more serious health problems if it isn’t diagnosed and treated.

You’ve likely already identified foods that cause a digestion problem for you.

It could be high-acid-content foods, like oranges or orange juice, or foods that are high in fat, like red meat or milk.

Coffee, tea, and spices such as onions and garlic can also create havoc with the digestive system.

It’s a very good idea if you are suffering with frequent food digestion issues to keep a food diary for at least a week (longer, if possible) and list all of the foods that you have consumed before the indigestion materialized.

This information will help your doctor more quickly diagnose your digestion problem.

It’s also information that you can use to help you avoid the foods that are causing you problems.

The foods that bring on indigestion and that awful burning sensation are not the same for all people.

Food that doesn’t bother one person with acid reflux at all might be a trigger for an acid reflux incident with another.

Doctors and the dieticians to whom the doctor might refer you understand the acid reflux problem, and they are well versed on the foods that are most often the culprits.

But you will likely still be asked to keep a food diary for a period of time, so that the foods that are causing your specific problem can be eliminated from your diet.

As a sufferer of Crohn’s disease I sometimes suffer from acid reflux myself and although the treatment and diets I try to stick to may differ from others, keeping a food diary really helped me in eliminating certain foods from my diet that caused my acid reflux.

Ironically a lot of foods that I read about online that cause acid reflux in others, do not cause it in me.

I love dairy foods, spicy foods and high fat foods and I drink coffee and tea as well.

However I do not eat all these foods and drinks all the time.

I know that I still need certain foods in my diet to help my body live a natural and healthy life.

So I tend to have these types of foods in moderation, and not bombard my system with them all the time.

Like anything in life, little things in moderation make you a happy human!

Source by Tom Horton

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