Best Candle Warmer Lamps And Lantern 2022 (Review And Buying Guide)

Best Candle Warmer Lamps And Lantern 2022 (Review And Buying Guide) (2)

Best Candle Warmer Lamps And Lantern 2022 (Review And Buying Guide) (2)

Open-flame scent candles are significantly riskier than candle warmers. And, to enable you get started right away, we’ve put together a list of the top 6 candle warmer lantern available.

We’ll look at the following candle warmers lantern in this blog entry:

6 Best Candle Warmer Lantern Reviewed

1. CozyBerry Candle Warmer Lamp

The dimmable candle warmer lamp from Cozyberry has everything you might want in a candle warmer. The candle you set on the base will be steadily warmed by the electric power and heat from a lightbulb, creating a more even waxy pool. You’ll notice the aroma of your candle begin to flood any area you have it in as it warms.

The aroma will get more stronger as the wax pool goes deeper, giving you a great perfume throw. This lamp has a dial that allows you to adjust the degree of the heat it emits, making it simple to modify how you use it.

CozyBerry Candle Warmer Lamp

Not only does this candle warmer serve admirably, but it also functions as a lovely aesthetic object. The canopy and foundation are available in black or white, allowing them easy to match any theme in your house. The bases are also available in marble or rubberwood, offering you a choice of two alternative materials to suit your tastes. A thin gold rod links the base to the lampshade. This product’s entire review can be found here.


  • This is an alternative to using candles with flames.
  • This product’s smell may fill a big space.
  • This has a sleek style that blends well with any aesthetic.
  • With the built-in dimmer switch, you can quickly alter the brightness of your light to create the perfect ambiance. The halogen light (50-Watt Bulb Installed) has a dazzling 2800k colour temperature, similar to most night lamps and lantern.


Cons: It takes longer to diffuse scent after warming the candle than it does after burning it.

2. Hurricane Lantern Candle Warmer. Candle Warmers etc.

The Hurricane lantern candle warmer from Candle Warmers Etc is a strong contender in our roundup. We already reviewed one of the lantern candle warmers.

The Hurricane candle warmer promises to give more efficient melting and longer-lasting fragrance thanks to a 25W lamp at the top. Aside from that, the Hurricane lantern candle warmer’s attractive lantern body constructed of heavy-duty aluminum is going to be a superb addition to your space.

Although the Hurricane lantern candle warmer is a touch on the expensive side, the build quality and reliability of the lantern design scream on its own.


  • Beautiful rustic appearance.
  • Effectively melts candles.
  • The unique lamp illuminates and melts the top of the candle, releasing the aroma swiftly and securely; it adds sweet-smelling atmosphere to your house.
  • The pedestal base supports candles of various sizes and shapes, giving flair and adaptability whole new meaning.
  • The ambiance of burning candle is created by soft Halogen light, and the aroma of your favourite candle sets the scene.
  • Candle Warmers Etc. are made of heavy-duty metal and are ecologically friendly. The Hurricane Candle Warmer Lantern incorporates a Rocker Switch, an NP5 Candle Warmers Etc. replacement bulb, as well as 120V, 60Hz, 25W electric rating.



3. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp By Candle Warmers Etc.

The Aurora candle warmer lamp is very comparable to the Hurricane candle warmer we just saw. Both have an efficient lantern design that places the heating element just above candle.

Apart from these operational commonalities, the two Candle Warmers Etc. are very distinctive.

If your home is more modern, the Aurora candle warmer lamp’s exquisite style will be a better suit than the Hurricane lantern’s rustic look. The Hurricane should fit in both modern and country-style settings, but we believe it will look best in either.

Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp By Candle Warmers Etc.

Because the two candle warmers are so similar in price, your selection will mostly be based on which one you like.


  • Design is elegant.
  • Melts candles quickly and efficiently.
  • This lamp for your desk features a curvy stem and a semi-matte black finish. It comes fully built in the box.
  • Without soot, smoke, or an open flame, place your preferred 16-ounce candle within.
  • The candle is melted from the top down by a 25-watt halogen warming light (included), generating a bright, clear scent that lasts twice as long as burning.
  • Includes a one-year warranty


It’s a little costly.

4. Large Candle Warmer By Darice

This Darice candle warmer may be the finest alternative for you if you’re seeking for a low-cost candle warmer.

The heating element is situated below the candle in this candle warmer, which is a more typical plate-style design. While the Darice candle’s plate form won’t provide the same level of efficiency or long-lasting scent as lantern candle warmers, it will be able to serve you as more than simply a candle jar.

The bottom heating plate may be used to heat liquids and possibly even soups. While you could accomplish the same with lantern-style candle warmers, the heat source would be far away from the cup, thus you would still not have warm tea as rapidly.

Large Candle Warmer By Darice

The Darice candle warmer can melt up to 4 inch diameter jar candles. This is large enough to accommodate the vast variety of jar candles easily available in the market.

Darice further promises that this candle warmer features felt-covered feet, allowing it to be securely placed on fragile surfaces that are often scratched.

The Darice candle warmer’s only flaw is that it isn’t the most attractive candle warmer available – it’s just a white heater with no distinguishing design characteristics. Simple is OK, but if you care about how your candle warmer looks in your home, you’ll want to choose jar candles based on design preference with greater care.


  • Economical.
  • It’s more than a candle warmer that can be used as heating equipment for soup and tea.
  • Without the use of a flame, the jar candle warmer warms them up, releasing their scent into the air.
  • It’s appropriate for usage at work, at home, and everywhere.
  • On practically any flat surface, this massive candle and coffee cup warmer may be utilized. It may be utilized in a variety of settings, including your home, office, retail, den, and kitchen.


Not the most appealing candle warmer.