15 Air-fryer Recipes People Can’t Stop Making

When you made fried food at home you need a lot of oil and need to wait for 30 minutes for food. But the air fryer recipes are low fat, take less time, and easy to cook. You do not need to wait for long hours and did not need to stand in the kitchen while cooking. To save your time and effort here are some recipes that are delicious, low fat, and can be cooked in a few minutes.

1. Spicy Chicken Empanadas


You can enjoy spicy chicken empanadas at any time and anywhere whenever you feel cravings for them. Add spices and cook the chicken well to fill our empty stomach.

Full recipe halfwayhomesteaders.com

2. Chicken Fried Rice


when you are on diet you have to avoid oily edibles but sometimes we feel cravings for them. To satisfy your cravings here are some oil-free air-fryer recipes that did not permit you to gain weight.

Full recipe fromvalskitchen.com

3. Garlic Baked Potatoes


Potatoes are the favorite veggies of almost all of us. Usually, we add potatoes with other veggies and make some other potatoes recipes too. Garlic baked potatoes are oil-free and gluten-free food. Kids and adults both can enjoy themselves at the same time.

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4. Crispy Brussels Sprouts


Vegetarians usually find out many new ways and recipes to cook veggies. They have a variety of ideas regarding veggies. You can make slices of Brussels sprouts in any size and shape. After making a slice of brussels sprouts put it in the oven.

Full recipeglueandglitter.com

5. Parmesan Dill Fried Pickle Chips


Pickle chips are a delicious and appetizing treat for all of us. You can enjoy it with any dipping sauce as a snack.

Full recipe thecreativebite.com

6. 3-Ingredient Fried Catfish


It takes less time to fry but cleaning and washing fish is a little bit tough job. Apply some basic spices and fry. It is weather demanding treat, especially in winters.

Full recipe staysnatched.com

7. Bang Bang Shrimp


Bang Bang Shrimp is another savoring recipe for all persons who likes shrimp. You can serve it with a flavorful dipping sauce.

Full recipe staysnatched.com

8. Greek Spanakopita Pie (Spinach and Turkey Pie)


For making Greek Spanakopita Pie you need some basic ingredients that may be available in your kitchen at this time. It is a quick recipe and base on veggies. You can make it in two ways first one is fried and the second way is cooking in the air fryer.

Full recipe recipethis.com

9. Potato Latke Bites


My family was insisting on me to cook a new potato dish. Everyone loved it and eat all by themselves.

Full recipe thisoldgal.com

10. Jalapeño Poppers


Some peoples like to cook filled jalapeno as a side dish. You just need to make two big pieces lengthwise.  After cleaning the seed fill them and roast them on low flame.

Full recipe vegetarianmamma.com

11. Flourless Fried Chicken


Chicken recipes are my all-time favorite. I prefer chicken rather than meat. you can coat chicken with oats and crumbs of cauliflower instead of whole wheat crumbs.

Full recipe recipethis.com

12. Ranch Kale Chips


It is the easiest recipe on my list. You just need to add some seasoning sauce or olive oil. It will be ready in the upcoming 5 minutes.

Full recipe glueandglitter.com

13. Breakfast Pockets


A fancy way of eating breakfast is having breakfast pockets. You can use leftover edibles and fill in the pockets.

Full recipe gingercasa.com

14. Roasted Broccoli in Spicy Yogurt Marinade


To cook a fancy and savory treat marinate all the ingredients with yogurt. Then allow them to cook a delicious and mouthwatering lunch menu.

Full recipe saffrontrail.com 

15. Chicken Tenders


Chicken tenders can be cooked at home, you just need it to stop all the fast food items that usually come from abroad.

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