13 Healthy, High Protein, and Easy Egg Recipes For Dinner 

Easy Egg Recipes For Dinner

Why egg recipes to consider while you are on a healthy diet plan? Egg has high proteins and all the nutrients for our body.

We should eat at least one egg daily in our breakfast. You can also give to your toddlers in many ways that they can eat and digest easily.

Some people say that eggs can be served only at breakfast but I have a different opinion about this description.

According to my point of view, all the healthy and energetic food can be eaten any time of the day because the only purpose of eating is staying healthy and energetic.

So I decided to try some egg recipes for dinner that are listed below.

1.  Cheddar And Sausage Quiche – Sausage And Egg Pie Protein Diet


Cheddar with sausage and egg is a savory combination and is quick to prepare so i kept it at first position of all egg recipes. You can add some fresh coriander, green chilies, and leaves of spinach to make your cheddar and sausage quiche appetizing and colorful.

Full recipe thegiftedgabber.com

2.  Italian Eggs In Purgatory (Low Carb, Gluten-Free Egg Recipes)


Low carb Italian egg is a tasty and appetizing treat to feel relax and comfortable at your comfort place. It takes less time to cook so you do not wait for a long time to have your food.

Full recipe beautyandthefoodie.com

3.  Feta Frittata By Using Spinach And Eggs


Spinach Feta Frittata is an instant pan recipe that takes almost half an hour to cook. You can make slices in a triangle shape and serve as a veggie pizza slice for dinner.

Full recipe flavorthemoments.com

4.  Shakshouka Easy Homemade Meal 


Homemade shakshouka is a savory, delicious, and low-carb recipe. The homemade shakshouka is always on top rather than buying from the food court that is near my house.

Full recipe servedfromscratch.com

5.  Lima Bean Stew with Poached Eggs ( An Iranian Recipe)


Iranian Lima Bean stew with poached eggs is gluten-free, high in nutrients, and a flavorful recipe that is being popular all around the world. You can eat any time of the day and fill your stomach with a gluten-free treat.

Full recipe cinnamonandcoriander.com

6. Ottolenghi’s Bell Pepper and Baked Egg Galettes


Ottolenghi’s Red Pepper and Baked Egg Galettes are free of yeast and oil. Colorful bell peppers seem a good and mouth-watering combination with baked eggs.

Full recipe theviewfromgreatisland.com

7. Farro Fried Rice In 30-Minutes


Farro Fried rice is a combination of rice with mushrooms and spring onions with other fresh and seasonal veggies. You can eat your dinner and have a good time before going to bed.

Full recipe flavorthemoments.com

8. Prosciutto Quiche ( Herbs, Cheese, And Eggs)


The prosciutto Quiche has a fine, crispy crust of dough that is topped up with cheese, green onions, and whole blended eggs. Make slices and serve to all your family members on the weekend special night.

Full recipe  chiselandfork.com

9.  Avocado and Eggs Grilled ( Oil-free Cooking)


Grilled avocado with eggs is an energetic diet that is a good option to end your busy day. Whenever you feel busy and have no time to cook just take out ingredients and make something healthy for yourself.

Full recipe thecozycook.com

10. Baby Bella Mushroom Caps Filled With Blue Cheese


Stuffed Baby Bella mushroom caps with blue cheese is a new and trendy recipe that you cannot find easily at your home. Now I have all the steps with correct instructions so you can feel free to follow them and have good results.

Full recipe nikimeiners.com

11. Without Crust Spinach and Feta Quiche


I tried a new recipe in my kitchen and used all the spinach that I have in my garden. I tried to cook a new tasty and flavorful food within my budget and yes I have done with it.

Full recipe servedfromscratch.com

12. Egg And Beans Fritters– Guatemalan Green Bean Fritter

Egg And Beans Fritters– Guatemalan Green Bean Fritter

Tortitas de Ejotes is a combination of egg, beans. and some green fresh herbs to give it a perfect look. You can serve it with evening tea or eat them instead of whole lunch.

Full recipe atastefortravel.ca

13. Special Egg Dinner OR Breakfast Meal

Special Egg Dinner OR Breakfast Meal

The recipe can be served with fried egg, and avocado.  If you feel tired and facing mood swings then you should eat chilaquiles with sauce and enjoy with your family.


Full recipe allwaysdelicious.com